Welcome to my new and improved website, representing my 35 year old obsession as a servant of the silver sphere with all the joys, frustrations and cramped living conditions that this entails. (Thank you to flowstate)
With great difficulty and reluctance I am "trimming" down my collection so that I - in theory - will end up with about 75 machines of my own in beautiful working condition that will either live with me or be available for private or corporate hire and this means I will sadly have to wave goodbye to a further 75 or so machines varying from the "plug-and-play" to the longer term project to "suit the enthusiast". Gradually a list of available machines will appear on these very pages, so watch this space or details.
When not gazing at my flippered friends I play drums with the Bikini Beach band who play a diverse music of surf and contemporary instrumentals often accompanied by the delightful "Hula Honies", including my lovely girlfriend Mary Lou with whom I share a tap dancing and bongo art. Any other time is spent with the garage punk flipper-friendly company of the Witchdoktors.
I very much look forward to having some pinball action with you all,

PS As this site is very much under development at present please excuse any missing sections etc that will hopefully begin to appear soonish.

pinball paranoia
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